Plumber fixing an hot-water heater

Why You Need Annual Plumbing Maintenance

Do you only think about your plumbing when an emergency strikes? The plumbing system affects your toilet, shower, hot water heater, kitchen and all the sinks around your house. If you don’t get regular maintenance for the plumbing system, it can lead to clogging, burst pipes, toilet overflows and bad smells spreading throughout your home. By scheduling regular maintenance with Viking Plumbing, you might be able to avoid disaster.

Signs That Your Plumbing Needs Attention

Your plumbing system will let you know when it needs some TLC. If you are trying to shower or wash your hands and the water pressure is too high or too low, that could be a sign that there are clogs along the lines. Also, if the water takes a long time to heat up, or refuses to heat up at all, there is a problem with your plumbing.

Signs of a clogged drain include slow draining out of the sink or bathtub and strange gurgling noises when the plumbing is used. A clogged toilet is also a big sign, especially if using a plunger isn’t helping.

A burst pipe is a more critical issue that must be addressed immediately. Not all leaking or burst pipes are visible. You might notice higher than usual water bills, hear water running when nothing is on, or notice a damp or soggy spot. When you need pipe repair, call us for quick service. The good news is that you can reduce your risk of these issues with regular plumbing maintenance.

How Often Should You Get Plumbing Maintenance?

Professional plumbers recommend that you receive plumbing maintenance annually. If you go longer than a year or two without receiving plumbing maintenance, these problems can begin to grow and become harder to fix. It is always better to schedule plumbing maintenance with Viking Plumbing sooner rather than later, especially in Boise, Idaho where it can get very snowy and cold towards the end of the year.

Benefits of Professional Plumbing Maintenance

There are many benefits to hiring a professional plumber for annual plumbing maintenance. If you invest in annual plumbing maintenance, you can catch the small issues before they grow into larger ones. The larger the issue gets, the longer it will take to fix and the more expensive it will be to fix.

Receiving regular maintenance will also improve your plumbing system’s performance. Your water will flow and drain without any problems and your toilet will be less likely to clog. Because regular plumbing maintenance can catch small leaks before they become more noticeable, it could help you lower your water bills.

Another benefit is that your water quality will be improved. Dirty pipes can have a negative effect on your water, contaminating it with bacteria and other unwanted substances. Regular maintenance can help prevent these things from contaminating your water supply.

There are many benefits to scheduling regular maintenance for your plumbing system. If you are in Boise, ID, contact Viking Plumbing for professional plumbing maintenance.