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Gabby Morgan
Gabby Morgan
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" Chris came out and did a fantastic job replacing our water heater. Incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and personable. I also love that he stayed in contact with me, updating when he would be out and a timeline of the project. I highly recommend him for any plumbing needs you have! "
Dennis Rinehart
Dennis Rinehart
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" We had our main sewer line replaced due to collapsing pipe. The Viking plumbing crew was awesome! They quickly addressed our concerns, showed up on time, stayed with estimate. The on-site team was respectful of o property and pets. Highly recommend them. "
Jancy Schrader
Jancy Schrader
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" After trying a number of companies and finally discovering Viking , they exceeded my expectations. Respectful, kind and hard-working plumbers as well as a helpful receptionist. I was very impressed by the work, integrity, and price of Viking! Highly recommend. "

Water Filtration in Boise, Id

Have you noticed that the water in your Boise home is less than appealing? If it has an odd odor, taste, or color, the water is likely contaminated. Unfortunately, most homeowners who believe their water is contaminated or of low quality think that buying bottled water is their only option. However, a water filtration system is a much more cost-effective and long-term solution to low-quality water.

At Viking Plumbing, our water quality experts will come to your home, test your water quality on-site, and explain the test results to you. We know that it can be confusing and even upsetting to learn there are contaminants, chemicals, or other foreign matter in the water you and your loved ones have been consuming. However, all of those worries can be behind you after a water filtration installation in Boise, ID.

We offer several options for filtration designed to meet every homeowner’s needs and budget. And as with all of our work, we include a full warranty on the equipment and our installation. Just call (208) 571-4089 to schedule your appointment for a water quality test with one of our experts.

Dial (208) 901-8847 now to schedule a free water quality test in Boise, ID today!

Signs You Need Water Filtration

There are many indications that water filtration in Boise, ID is needed. First, your drinking water should be colorless and odorless. When you find that the water smells or tastes bad or is filled with tiny flecks, it is time to call (208) 571-4089 to speak to the experts at Viking Plumbing for a water filtration system in your home. Some of the common issues our team discovers include water contaminated by sand or dirt, iron, sulfur, or harmful chemicals.

Water that is not pure poses significant health concerns for you and your loved ones. From bacteria that cause digestive tract issues to heavy metals that can result in permanent organ damage, your family should not be worried about exposure to the potentially toxic contaminants.

The Benefits Of A Water Filtration System In Boise, ID

When you know that the water in your home is pure and healthy, you will feel good enjoying a refreshing glass of water. In addition, you will know that your family can adequately hydrate to promote better overall health. Worries about health issues from your water will be a thing of the past.

In addition, you will enjoy not having to drag heavy cases of water home from the store, not to mention the high cost of bottled water. You will also know that you are doing your part to protect the environment by not adding to the glut of plastic water bottles making their way into rivers, lakes, and the oceans to contaminate our environment.

Expert water filtration in Boise, ID is just one call away at (208) 901-8847!

How Does A Water Filtration System Work?

A whole-home water filtration system is installed where the water supply line enters your home. This location ensures that all of the water in your house will be pure and healthy for drinking, cooking, and bathing. The first filter typically removes larger pollutants, while an activated charcoal filter removes the smaller but potentially equally hazardous material and bacteria from your water.

The Benefits Of A Viking Plumbing Professional Installation

You don’t want to trust the safety of your home’s water to just anyone. So when you call (208) 571-4089, you know that you are working with a certified professional and member of your community. All Viking Plumbing experts have years of training and expertise in the plumbing and water filtration industry. We appreciate that you have placed your trust in our team. And in return, we pledge to deliver nothing but the best products and installation at the fairest and most reasonable prices. In addition, we back all of our work with a complete warranty and our industry-best customer satisfaction guarantee.

It is easy to take water quality for granted when living in beautiful Boise, Idaho. But unfortunately, not all of the water flowing from municipal water suppliers is as pure and healthy as it could be. And homeowners need to know that they have affordable and reliable options other than paying the high price of bottled water at the grocery store. So when you are worried about the purity and quality of your water, call (208) 571-4089 to get the answers you need from the Viking Plumbing pros you know you can trust. 

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