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Drain Cleaning

Are you looking for a drain cleaner in Boise? Look no further because we have the best tools, experience and prices!

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General Plumbing

Remodeling? Have a do-it-yourself project where your expertise ends somewhere between carpentry and plumbing?

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Fixing leaking taps and pipes

Do you have a difficult case that maybe has stumped a few plumbers? Is your water meter still spinning, even when all the water is off in the house, resulting in high water bills?

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We can take care of
all plumbing needs

Need to update those old rusty pipes under your sink? Maybe they’re leaking, maybe you’re afraid they’ll start leaking soon. Let us replace them with shiny, new, leak-free piping in the most appropriate type of pipe for your situation.

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Unblocking internal waste pipes

Having trouble with a stubborn toilet? Give us a call 24-7, we can help!

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Hydro Jetting

When cabling just isn’t enough to clear your line. When your line is large or too long to be cabled or even full of greasy build up, hydro jetting could be the answer for you.