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Gabby Morgan
Gabby Morgan
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" Chris came out and did a fantastic job replacing our water heater. Incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and personable. I also love that he stayed in contact with me, updating when he would be out and a timeline of the project. I highly recommend him for any plumbing needs you have! "
Dennis Rinehart
Dennis Rinehart
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" We had our main sewer line replaced due to collapsing pipe. The Viking plumbing crew was awesome! They quickly addressed our concerns, showed up on time, stayed with estimate. The on-site team was respectful of o property and pets. Highly recommend them. "
Jancy Schrader
Jancy Schrader
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" After trying a number of companies and finally discovering Viking , they exceeded my expectations. Respectful, kind and hard-working plumbers as well as a helpful receptionist. I was very impressed by the work, integrity, and price of Viking! Highly recommend. "

Water Heater Repair in Boise, Id

Most homeowners don’t give much thought to Water Heater Repair in Boise, Id until it is not working correctly. You simply turn the hot water faucet and expect the water to be clear and warm. However, when the water coming out of the tap or shower is not hot, smells odd, or is filled with small metallic flecks, you know that something is wrong with your water heater. But what you might not know is whom to call to have the issue corrected.

Sadly, many plumbing companies are happy to schedule a Water Heater Repair appointment. But they have no intention of fixing your existing water heater. They are coming to your home to sell you a new water heater and installation. That is not the case when you call (208) 571-4089 and speak to a Viking Plumbing professional. Our licensed plumbers are factory trained to repair all makes and models of water heaters. And because our business and our reputation are built with honesty and integrity, we feel obligated to provide our clients with an honest evaluation and cost-effective repairs when at all possible.

Common Water Heater Issues

Water Heater Repair in Boise, Id is not uncommon. Not having any hot water is actually the most common reason that our clients call us at (208) 571-4089. But the reason for their lack of hot water can vary. In most cases, the issue is as simple as a simple component of their water heater that has failed. It could be the thermostat, heating element, or even the valve on the gas supply line needing replacement. Once our licensed plumber determines the cause of your problem, he or she will explain the issue and provide you with a complete cost quote for the necessary repair. And you can be sure that the repair will be only a fraction of the cost of a new water heater.

If you are in need of Water Heater Repair in Boise, Id call Viking Plumbing Now! (208) 571-4089

Another common reason for a Water Heater Repair appointment is a water leak at or near the unit. If the leak is located in a pipe, fitting or valve, our pro can have the issue repaired for you very quickly and cost-effectively. However, if the water heater holding tank itself is leaking, the news is not as positive. These leaks are caused by rust or corrosion of the metal holding tank. And there is no safe way to repair this damage in the wall of a water heater tank. In this case, a new water heater is the only safe and effective solution, and we will be happy to work with you to determine the type and size that will best meet your needs.

Finally, we get calls from customers who are beginning to notice an odd smell or appearance to their hot water. In almost every one of these cases, the issue can be eliminated by draining and flushing the water heater tank. Sediment, rust, and even bacteria can build up in a water heater tank and cause the water to smell bad, appear cloudy, or contain flecks of contaminants. Draining, flushing, and cleaning the tank can often eliminate all of these problems. The cost of this service is very affordable. And it is an excellent investment to increase the life expectancy of your water heater.

The Different Types Of Water Heaters

When it comes to Water Heater Repair in Boise, Id. The two most common types of water heaters are the electric and gas models of the traditional water heater. These are the units with the large holding tank where the water is heated. The only significant difference between these two types of water heater is the power used to heat the water. Gas units have a thermocouple that is gas-powered, and the electric units have a heating element powered via electricity.

Less common than the traditional water heater is the tankless water heater. Rather than heating water and storing it in a large holding tank, these units heat water only when there is a demand. The water is heated as it flows through the pipe toward the faucet or shower, where you turned on the hot water. Tankless water heaters can use either gas or electricity to heat the water. Both types of tankless water heaters are much smaller than their traditional counterparts. This makes tankless units great for installations in small areas or to locate throughout a large home or building. Our plumbers are factory trained to service and repair all of these various types of water heaters. 

When you notice an issue with your hot water, it can be easy to try to ignore it to avoid the substantial cost of buying a new water heater. However, when you call the professionals at Viking Plumbing, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that our professionals most often recommend an affordable repair option instead of a costly replacement.

We hope that by giving you honest information and evaluations of your water heater when it needs repair, that you will again call us when it is truly time to replace the unit. We have built our business on providing nothing but the highest quality service and customer service so that we can create long-term relationships with our clients. We value your business and your trust in our professional skills and ethics. When you call (208) 571-4089, you will speak to a company representative 24/7 to get you the help you need with your water heater. You can count on us for quality service, integrity, and fair pricing. Let us earn your trust and business by providing you with the best Water Heater Repair in Boise, Id!

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