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Gabby Morgan
Gabby Morgan
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" Chris came out and did a fantastic job replacing our water heater. Incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and personable. I also love that he stayed in contact with me, updating when he would be out and a timeline of the project. I highly recommend him for any plumbing needs you have! "
Dennis Rinehart
Dennis Rinehart
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" We had our main sewer line replaced due to collapsing pipe. The Viking plumbing crew was awesome! They quickly addressed our concerns, showed up on time, stayed with estimate. The on-site team was respectful of o property and pets. Highly recommend them. "
Jancy Schrader
Jancy Schrader
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" After trying a number of companies and finally discovering Viking , they exceeded my expectations. Respectful, kind and hard-working plumbers as well as a helpful receptionist. I was very impressed by the work, integrity, and price of Viking! Highly recommend. "

Water Softeners in Boise, Id

When you have white buildup on your faucets and other water fixtures, you might be wondering what is causing this unsightly mess. You might also be wondering why you are constantly using moisturizers but still have itchy, dry skin. The answer to both of these concerns is the same. Your home has hard water. And the only solution for you and your home’s plumbing system is water softener installation.

When you decide it is time to have your water quality tested for a potential water softener system installation, then it’s best you call Viking Plumbing. Our technicians have been trained on a wide variety of water treatment systems to ensure that our customers are receiving the highest quality service!

Our process is very simple. We come to your home and conduct a water test to determine the hardness of your water and if there are any issues with additional contamination. With this scientifically gathered information, we can guide you to select the perfect water softener for your home or tell you that hard water is not an issue in your household. This honesty and integrity keep our customers calling when they move to a new home or have a friend or relative with hard water issues. Call (208) 901-8847 today to schedule your free water test.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is simply water that has a high concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium. These minerals are what you see building up on your water fixtures. But what you cannot see is that the same minerals are also accumulating inside your water lines and will eventually restrict the water flow. The only way to eliminate this damage to your home’s plumbing system is a water softener installation in your home.

Get in touch with our team today to schedule your free water quality test in Boise, ID: (208) 901-8847!

Issues Related To Hard Water

You have seen one of the most troubling issues related to hard water on your faucets and other plumbing fixtures. The white mineral buildup is corrosive and will damage the metal fixtures in your plumbing system as well as the waterlines. Eventually, the buildup will also create blockages in the pipes and significantly reduce water flow through screens and nozzles on faucets and showers.

In addition to damaging your home’s plumbing system, hard water takes its toll on your skin and hair. The mineral content dries your skin and can be the cause of itching and skin irritation. The other common complaint is that hard water dries and damages your hair. Limp, brittle hair is often an indication of hard water. And if you have pets that you bathe in hard water, they could also be exhibiting signs of discomfort due to dry skin. Constant scratching and chewing on paws or fur is a sign of skin irritation, often from exposure to hard water.

A Simple Solution

A water softener installation in Boise, ID is a simple process for the experienced pros at Viking Plumbing. The equipment runs your home’s hard water through a resin coated with positively charged sodium ions. These ions replace the minerals in the water, which remain in the electrically charged resin. Periodic maintenance and cleaning are required to remove the minerals from the resin and resupply the system with sodium pellets. For homeowners with medical concerns regarding sodium, some units use potassium rather than sodium to eliminate any potential health concerns.

The Benefits Of Water Softeners

No longer worrying about damage to your water lines and fixtures from hard water is a significant benefit of a water softener in Boise, ID. The elimination of the minerals extends the life of water lines, fixtures, and appliances like your water heater and washing machine. In addition, you will enjoy much better water distribution from your faucets and showerheads. Homeowners also love that they no longer suffer from the itchy, red, dry skin that is common when bathing in hard water. 

Don’t let hard water ruin your home’s plumbing and dry your hair and skin. Instead, call (208) 571-4089 to speak to the team you can trust at Viking Plumbing. Our experts have been providing affordable hard water solutions to the community for years. And we are excited to meet you and install your fully warrantied water softener system.

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