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How to Keep Your Pipes From Bursting This Winter

As all of us in Boise know by now, cold winter temperatures can create a lot of problems. Frigid weather can cause water in our pipes to freeze, and since ice has a larger volume than water, this process can then cause those pipes to burst. Below, we’ve included some helpful tips that you can follow to prevent your pipes from bursting.

Keep the Water Flowing

When you drive around Boise in the winter, you may notice that standing bodies of water are usually frozen over, but rivers and creeks might not be. That’s because moving water is much harder to freeze than stationary water. We can use this principle inside our homes. If you keep water dripping from your faucets when we have a particularly cold night, that movement could prevent the formation of ice. If you’re concerned about wasting resources, put a container underneath the faucet so you can save the water for a later use.

Expose Piping to More Heat

If you set your home’s temperature to, let’s say, 68 degrees Fahrenheit, not every cubic foot of space in your home is going to be 68 degrees. The areas near your heaters are going to be warmer, and other areas will be colder. One cold area is within your cabinetry since the cabinet doors block warmer air from entering. To prevent frozen pipes, you can open up those cabinets in order to expose your piping to warmer air.

Don’t Turn Your Heater Off

If you end up taking a vacation or you are simply out for the entire day, don’t turn your heat off. It may seem as though this would help you save money, but it could lead to a disaster. Without any heat, your pipes could easily burst. In that case, you’d have to call for leak repair services. You can certainly turn down your thermostat while you’re away, but there needs to be a basic amount of heat in your premises to keep the water flowing in your pipes. Your home will need all the help it can get.

Get Your Outdoor Spigots Prepared Early

The cold temperatures can come our way early in the season. This means that you’ll have to prepare your outdoor hoses and spigots in the fall. Turn off the supply line leading to your outdoor spigots and drain everything outside. If you need assistance with this task, our team at Viking Plumbing is available to help you anywhere in the Boise area.

These tips can help you prevent your pipes from bursting during the upcoming winter. For more information, give us a call at Viking Plumbing today.