The Amazing Benefits Of Trenchless Sewer Line Repair And Replacement

We all know that our home has a pipe that connects it to the city sewer system. But as long as it is doing its job, we have little or no interest in knowing more about this sewer line. That is until something awful happens, and you face a flood of raw sewage in your yard or inside your Boise home. Suddenly, knowing more about the function of this essential sewer line becomes more interesting. But the thought of a massive trench in your yard to repair the issue suddenly makes you very nervous. Fortunately, as you continue your research, you find some captivating information about trenchless sewer line repair and replacement.

How It Works Without A trench

The secret to a trenchless sewer line repair or replacement is an epoxy-coated resin liner inserted into the damaged sewer line. Inside the liner is a bladder that can be inflated to expand the liner and allow it to bond with the old, damaged pipe. After about a day, the epoxy cures, and the liner and damaged pipe are fused together. But a few steps must come before the liner is inserted to ensure that the repair is successful.

The First Steps

When your plumber arrives to explore your sewer line issue, a small camera is typically deployed into the sewer line to locate any damage to the pipe. This camera will provide images of any damage and allow the experts to determine if a repair will work or if the entire line needs to be replaced. Fortunately, both can be done using an appropriate length of liner.

In the case of a minor repair, a short liner is inserted into the pipe to cover the damaged section of pipe. For a line with multiple damaged areas, a liner the entire length of the pipe is used. But before any liner is inserted, the pipe is washed with a water jet to remove any waste or debris. This ensures that the epoxy will adhere to the pipe and provide a functional sewer line.

The Benefits Are Many

Eliminating all the trenching offers many perks for homeowners with sewer line issues. Some of the most significant and appreciated include:

  • Cost Savings – As you might imagine, all of the digging needed to expose a damaged sewer line takes time, and that time costs money. So eliminating the digging and the backfilling saves you a substantial amount of money spent on labor.
  • Longevity – A trenchless sewer line repair or replacement is rated to last at least 50 years, equal to the longest estimates for a traditional sewer line repair or replacement. Some forecasts for this innovative repair are as high as 80 or more years.
  • Less Destruction – Eliminating that huge trench also eliminates the damage to your landscape and yard. So you are saving the stress of trying to correct it and the cost.

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