Water from a faucet frozen in winter

5 Signs You Have Frozen Pipes

The cold winters in Boise can leave you curled up under a blanket and wearing layers around the house, but those cold temperatures can also wreak havoc on your plumbing. When the temperature drops to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, you risk the pipes in your home freezing. One or more of those pipes may burst and cause even more damage under your house and in your walls. Looking at the five signs of frozen pipes will help you see when to call a plumber.

1. Strange Noises

One sign of frozen pipes is one or more strange noises. While many people worry about frozen pipes bursting, water can freeze inside the pipes and then thaw. This causes the pipes to produce weird noises as the water begins moving again. You may hear clanging or banging sounds when the water starts moving. Some also hear banging noises coming from inside or around the pipes.

2. No Water

When you turn on the faucet, you expect to see water flowing through the top. If your pipes are frozen, turning on the faucet may not produce any water or only a slight trickle. When you see a trickle of water, this might be a sign that the water froze inside the pipes. The only water that comes out is what can make it through the center of the pipes. Once the freeze moves through the whole pipe, no water will come out.

3. Foul Odors

There’s always a risk that your sewer line or main line can freeze in the Boise winter. When this happens, the chances are good that you’ll smell foul odors coming from the pipes. When the line freezes, the waste in the line will also freeze. Once the waste thaws, it releases a foul odor that you can smell when standing outside or sitting in your home.

4. Changes in Color

As winters in Boise have both high and low temperatures, it’s possible for pipes to freeze and thaw a few times every year. This can lead to changes in the color of the water that comes from your pipes. Once the ice thaws, it falls off the sides of the pipes and brings any minerals and deposits with it. You may even see brown water because your frozen pipes rusted.

5. Icy Residue

If you have the chance to get under your home, look for signs of icy residue on the outside of your pipes. This residue is a clear sign that there is ice inside the pipes. It can also indicate that the pipes are so cold that ice formed on the outside.

Get Help With Frozen Pipes

Don’t let frozen pipes ruin your day. Get help with frozen or burst pipes to avoid high repair bills and damage. Let Viking Plumbing help if you live in the Boise area. We can find frozen pipes in your walls or under your home, and we can take care of the problem. Call today.