How To Know When To Replace Bathroom Fixtures

Understanding when to replace the fixtures in your bathroom involves more than just a desire for a new look. These are essential items that you use every day but can overlook some of their shortcomings or idiosyncrasies. However, if you trust the words of most real estate professionals, bathrooms and kitchens are the rooms that sell houses. So investing in some new fixtures is a very sound way to add to the value of your home. And even appeal to potential buyers if you are selling soon. Even if selling your home is not in your immediate future, consider these very good reasons to begin a bathroom fixture upgrade.

Dripping Is Costly And Annoying

According to the EPA, 10,000 gallons of water is what the average household wastes each year due to dripping fixtures. Or, in a more visual expression, that is enough water to fill the average residential swimming pool. So replacing the dripping faucet and showerhead are the first steps in stopping that tremendous waste of water and money.

A faucet typically begins to drip when the washer or gasket wears out. A showerhead could be loosening from the pipe, have a bad seal or O-ring, or any number of other issues. But the result is typically added wear to the fixture and an increase in the amount of water wasted. When you are done wasting water and listening to that drip, drip, drip, take a look at your options for new fixtures. There are a wide array of pricing options for quality fixtures that will last for years without a drip.

Loose Fittings Or Pieces

Most fixtures have adjustment screws to tighten handles and possibly even the flange covering the connection to your sink. But over time, and with constant exposure to moisture, these screws and fixture pieces can become too loose to secure. At this point, water can be leaking from the fixture or even down into the wall or counter, creating water damage. And upon closer inspection, you might even see mold and mildew beginning to accumulate due to the standing water.

When a simple adjustment or repair will not do the trick, it is time to spring for new fixtures that will function and seal correctly. Not only is can water damage be very costly to repair, but the cultivation of mold can also create some severe health issues and complications for you and your loved ones.

Humidity And Hard Water Take A Toll

Bathrooms are always moist and humid, which most people enjoy during a shower or bath. But that same pleasant moisture that rejuvenates our skin could be eating away at your bathroom fixtures. Then throw in the hard water present in about 80% of all households in the United States, and you have a very tough life for your water fixtures.

When you see corrosion, rust, or places where the finish has peeled off the fixtures, it is time to retire them. Even with regular and diligent cleaning, the now rough surfaces are a prime place to cut or scrape your hands and harbor bacteria and mold. Eliminate the potential contamination in the place that you rely on to be clean and help you stay healthy.

Finally, don’t think that having a new, brighter look does not hold value. If you are ready for a new look in a space that you use multiple times a day, treat yourself and your bathroom to new fixtures. Call (208) 571-4089 for a free estimate from the pros at Viking Plumbing. All of our work is backed with a full warranty on the parts and labor.