How To Know There Is A Problem With Your Main Water Line

Most homeowners are relatively familiar with the water and drain lines inside their homes. We all know that every sink, tub, and shower has a supply line or two and a drain. And most wise homeowners invest a few minutes each month or so to inspect these pipes and the hoses and water lines supplying their various appliances. These quick visual inspections are the best way to avoid some costly leaks and water damage. But few people think about the main water supply line that feeds all the water lines in their home. In addition, they have no idea what to watch for to determine if there is a problem with that significant water line. So our pros have compiled a list of the five most common signs of a main water line problem.

A Sudden Increase In Your Water Bill

Most consumers have a rough idea of their average water cost per month. Even when the summer rolls around and the bill increases, it is relatively predictable. But when you see that the price has increased dramatically and unexpectedly, there is a good possibility that you have a water main leak. A significant increase in the bill amount means a substantial leak that you would have noticed inside your home.

Strand Sounds In Water Lines

When you hear gurgling and odd sounds from the water lines inside your house, the issue can often be outside. It is almost unheard of for all of the inside lines to leak and allow air into all the pipes. But when the leak is in the main water line, you can hear gurgling in all the indoor pipes.

Damage To Your Yard

If there is a significant water leak, there will be a sinkhole, wash-out, or other noticeable water damage somewhere between your home and the city water main. Also, look for erosion near your foundation. This indicates that the leak is near your home and could also be allowing water to leak under your foundation or into your home’s basement.

Low Water Pressure

Having an issue with low water pressure at a single faucet or shower is not an indication of a water main leak. It is more indicative of a clogged supply line or a clogged or calcified screen in the fixture. However, when you notice a drop in water pressure throughout your home, the problem is likely at the water main.

Cloudy Or Contaminated Water

If you discover that your water is suddenly cloudy or filled with grit or particulates, the issue could be a damaged water main. While the crack allows water to leak out, it also allows dirt and debris into it. The result is grit or dirt in your water supply.

Confirming Your Suspicion

If you think you have a water main leak, you can test your theory fairly quickly. Be sure that all the water inside and outside your home is turned off. This includes water going to a swimming pool auto fill, the fridge water dispenser, and other appliances. With no water being used on your property, your water meter dial should be stationary. The numbers should not be changing, and the tiny red triangle should not move at all. If it is moving, you have a leak that needs the attention of the pros at Viking Plumbing.

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