A commercial plumber hydro line jets a pipe at a large restaurant.

Everyone Benefits From Hydro Jetting

Your plumbing is a complicated system, and it’s easy to ignore problems until it’s too late. Every home and building can develop clogged pipes that remain unseen for years. As a plumbing company, we guarantee the efficiency of hydro jetting in many homes and buildings. In Boise, the housing market is soaring, which means more people are renovating their homes to put on the market. This also means homeowners will need to make sure their pipes are clear.

Very High Efficiency

Viking Plumbing performs hydro jetting services with very high efficiency rates in most of the homes we service. We use this method to remove debris and stains that have become implanted into your pipes. If you have not cleaned something for years, it will often support the growth of living substances that are attached to the surfaces, such as mold and bacteria.

We use high-pressure water that is proven to be more effective in cleaning ingrained debris compared to a manual plumbing snake. Our hydro jetting method is highly effective and takes significantly less of everyone’s time and effort. You could take two hours using a snake to clean the inside of your pipes, but you’ll only need 10 minutes to use hydro jetting equipment.

Ease of Use

Hydro jetting is an easy, straightforward task for our professionals to do. We don’t have to dig trenches, pull out wires or cause any destruction to your property. We need only a single hydro jetting truck, a lot of water and a large hose to complete the job. Our clients in Boise don’t worry about us dragging several tons of construction equipment in and out of their homes or blocking their streets and driveways. When we’re finished, we don’t leave behind residue or trash that requires a major cleanup.


Hydro jetting your sewer line is a big, yet affordable job. The cost varies from $100 to $1,000 with an average cost of $600. A severely clogged line may increase the cost past $1,000.

Environmentally Friendly

Although large volumes of water are depleted within a few minutes, hydro jetting is an environmentally friendly process. Our professionals don’t use harmful chemicals, such as pesticides or acidic drain cleaners, to remove clogs. We use regular water that is safe, contained and free of cleaning chemicals.

DIY Maintenance

You don’t need specialized training and equipment to benefit from hydro jetting. Anyone can hold a water hose steady and control two or more settings. So, maintaining your pipes is fast, easy and requires minimal effort. This makes it easier to perform routine plumbing maintenance.

Look Into Our Hydro Jetting Services

No one wants to deal with plumbing blockades and backups. You may choose to take care of the problem yourself, but it’s frustrating to have to deal with the same problem over and over again. We recommend calling one of our plumbers in Boise, ID, to start clearing away the buildup in your pipes.