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Common Reasons Your House Smells Like Sewage

When you’re spending time in your home, you may start to smell odors that resemble sewage, which can make it difficult to spend time in the building. It’s important to act quickly to prevent the odors from becoming stronger. Here are a few common reasons your house is starting to smell like sewage on your property in Boise, Idaho.

Insufficient Drain Traps

You may not have enough drain traps or vent pipes that are present on your property to ensure sewer gases remain trapped and can escape from the building. Some plumbers are prone to cutting corners and can fail to install a p-trap on each fixture, which can cause the inside of the home to start to smell and become unsanitary to inhabit.


Many of the homes in Boise, Idaho were built in the early and mid-1900s, which means a lot of biofilms are present in the drains. Biofilms develop due to different types of products that are used for bathing, which start to accumulate in the drains. This can turn into gunk that starts to smell and tends to linger over time, even when you clean your shower and bathroom.

Hire a professional from a company like Viking Plumbing in Boise, Idaho. We can perform drain cleaning to thoroughly remove the gunk. Avoid using drain cleaners, which are harsh and can cause a lot of damage to your pipes after a few uses. Drain cleaners also allow the problem to develop again in the near future and don’t deliver long-term results.


Clogs are extremely prevalent and can prevent water from flowing freely in your plumbing system. This causes a significant amount of gunk and debris to accumulate as the waste grows in size over time. You’ll start to notice unusual smells and odors coming from your drains the longer the clogs sit and aren’t removed.

Leaky Pipes

When you have pipes that become damaged and break, the sewage that the pipes transport can end up in different areas of your house or in the yard. You may notice that your yard starts to feel mushy and overly wet, indicating a pipe has likely burst. This may cause your lawn to become lush and green, but it can also be accompanied by strong sewage smells that tend to linger on the property. A professional can perform leak detection to identify where the problems are occurring to ensure the necessary repairs are immediately performed on your property.

Contact our team of professionals today in Boise, Idaho, to learn more about why your house may start to smell like sewage. We can answer your questions and help discover the cause of the issue to ensure your home is comfortable to inhabit and smells fresh again.