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4 Benefits of Water Softeners

All water contains minerals, such as calcium. However, hard water refers to water that has more mineral content than recommended. Boise city water has a hardness rating of 108 PPM (mg/L), which is categorized as “moderately hard.” See the top four benefits of water softeners for Boise, ID homeowners.

1. Prolong the Life of Plumbing Appliances and Pipes

Hard water leaves behind mineral deposits as it travels or evaporates. Mineral deposits can accumulate until they create a drain clog, or they can affect the components inside plumbing appliances, such as your water heater or washing machine. The pressure created due to a drain clog or damaged heating element can reach levels too high for your plumbing to withstand, potentially leading to premature deterioration, leaks, and replacement.

A water softener can make your pipes and appliances last longer, eliminating repairs and saving you money since you won’t have to replace items as quickly. You’ll also save money on maintenance service since you won’t need to flush your water heater as often when you have a water softener.

2. Spend Less Time Cleaning

Hard water tends to leave behind soap scum on your dishes and the surfaces in your home, forcing you to wipe away the residue after you’ve already cleaned. A water softener prevents soap scum, so you get to save time rewashing dishes. Hard water can also produce hard water stains, which can be difficult to clean. With a water softener, hard water stains won’t develop in the first place.

3. No Residue on Skin or Clothes

When you shower with hard water, you notice the same soap residue on your skin that you noticed on your dishes. You need to take longer showers to rinse the residue off. Your skin also won’t look or feel as great. After the shower, you may notice your clothing washed with hard water doesn’t feel as soft or look as bright. When you have a water softener, the minerals won’t fade your clothing or make it stiff. You’ll also notice your skin feeling much softer.

4. Better-Tasting Water

While this may come down to a matter of preference, the vast majority of people prefer the taste of soft water to hard water. It doesn’t taste as “metallic.” If water quality is a major concern for you, talk to our professionals at Viking Plumbing to learn about our water softeners that also include water filtration services.

Water Softener Installation in Boise ID

If you have questions or if you’re ready to install a water softener in Boise, call our plumbing experts at Viking Plumbing. Don’t forget to take advantage of any specials offered at the time. Besides installing water softeners, we also provide pipe repair, drain cleaning, sewer line services, and more.