Hydro Jetting sewer cleaning method , nozzle tip on jet/vac hose.

Why Is Spring the Best Time for Hydro Jetting?

If you frequently experience clogged pipes and slow-moving drains, hydro jetting is usually the most effective solution. It can clear the toughest clogs and keep your plumbing clean. Here is why professionals recommend scheduling a hydro jetting service in spring.

Clear Waste That May Cause Clogging

Throughout the winter holidays, your plumbing can accumulate oil, grease, and hair, which can all wreak havoc on your drain. If you skip drain cleaning, you will soon encounter clogged drains. As the blockage worsens, it can cause water to back up into your bathtub and kitchen sinks. Prevention through routine cleaning is the most effective way to eliminate the risk of a health hazard. Hydro jetting is the best technique recommended by Viking Plumbing in Boise, ID. You can call our licensed and certified staff for a 100% satisfaction guarantee of our service.

Address Tree Root Infiltration in Spring

Tree infiltration is likely to happen in spring as plants emerge from dormancy. Leaks in the pipe may attract roots, which often rupture the piping. So if you ignore spring plumbing maintenance, there is a greater risk of tree root infiltration. Hydro jetting in spring will remove any emerging tree roots before they trigger a chronic blockage. At 35,000 PSI, hydro jetting will burst through the toughest clogs and clear any chemicals in the pipe. Unlike chemical cleaners, hydro jetting will not damage the pipe or leave toxic residues. Harsh chemicals can weaken the piping and often do not effectively remove the blockage.

Identify Leaks and Plumbing Defects

Boise’s cold and snowy winters can cause freezing pipes in unheated spaces. Winterizing your pipes is advisable to prevent leaks and plumbing defects. Spring is usually the best time to spot any leaks developing in your plumbing. During the hydro jetting process, professional plumbers can identify cracks and loose fittings. A miniature camera is sent down the pipe to identify the location of the clogging. Our professional plumbers can also offer insights on how to improve your plumbing to reduce leakages.

Non-Invasive and Cost-Effective Plumbing Maintenance

In spring, many people are out and about after the cold season in Boise. Traditional techniques are invasive and often disrupt activities going on in your home. Fortunately, hydro jetting has a minimal environmental impact as it does not require digging trenches. The process requires only high-pressure water and does not introduce toxins to the surroundings. It’s also faster, meaning our plumbers will be out of your home in no time.

Professional plumbers recommend drain cleaning at least once a year to prevent blockages and leaks. You can consult us at Vulcan Plumbing, a locally owned service, for outstanding plumbing solutions in Boise, ID. Call our team for an unmatched customer experience throughout the process.