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What’s Trapped in Your Drains?

Most people don’t think of the drains in their homes unless there is a problem. It’s easy to ignore what is going down your drains until your drain clogs and you have water backing up or draining slowly. Many substances can clog up your drains. Here are some common causes and how to help prevent them.


No matter how healthy your hair is, it will fall out. Your shower drain is very likely to get clogged up with hair. If you or a family member has long hair, your drains will clog more quickly. Your bathroom sinks can also end up clogged with hair. One of the best ways to prevent clogs from hair is to use a strainer. Buy one for every drain in your home to help keep hair and large particles out of your pipes. Most drain cleaners can help with hair. You can also buy traps that help catch hair as it washes down your drains.

Food Waste

Bits of fibrous food or eggshells can easily clog up your drains. These can easily wash off your dishes and clog your drains. A garbage disposal can help, but any drain that takes food waste will clog faster. Make sure you use a strainer and clear it out every time you cook or wash the dishes. You can use a drain cleaner to help keep your kitchen drain clean and fresh.

Fats and Oils

Cooking grease and oils are some of the biggest culprits for clogs in the kitchen. Many fats will solidify when cold and clog your drains. Since we have such a large Basque population here in Boise, olive oil is a big part of the diet. Olive oil that ends up down the drain can build up and cause clogs. That fat layer will also catch larger particles and help cause a clog. If you have issues with fat in the pipes, you should find a drain cleaner that focuses on removing fats and oils.

Foreign Objects

Sometimes things get washed down the drain by accident. Children may also try to play with toys in the water and lose them down the drain. Things like paper towels and sanitary products can also easily clog up your drains. If something large gets down the drain, you will likely need to call a plumber to retrieve the items and clean the pipes. Strainers can help prevent accidental losses and save you time and effort in clearing out the pipes.

Call a Plumber

If your pipes are clogging frequently, they may need professional cleaning. Trust the professionals at Viking Plumbing. We can easily clean your drains and let you enjoy free-flowing drains.