What Happened To My Water Pressure?

Many homeowners complain that they have noticed a distinct drop in their home’s water pressure over many years. They think that it must be due to additional building in the area that increases the water demand. Or they just decide that it is one of life’s little mysteries that must be endured. But if you have noticed that it takes substantially longer to fill a pot to cook pasta or fill your bathtub, it is time to call in a licensed plumber to investigate. In some cases, the issue can be corrected. In other cases, a plumbing inspection will reveal a leak in or under your home that has been depleting your water pressure and can even be causing significant water damage.

And Isolated Problem

If you have noticed a water pressure problem in only one part of your home or at a single fixture, it should be easy to correct. In the case of a single fixture exhibiting low pressure, the solution could be as easy and affordable as a new valve. Most valves will fail slowly. This means that over time the valve moves less and less. So it appears that your water pressure is dropping. But the real issue is just the valve not opening completely. Replacing the valve or fixture will get your water pressure restored very quickly.

Low-Pressure Throughout Your Home

If the low water pressure is an issue in all parts of your home, there are several possible issues. First, if your home has a whole house pressure regulating valve, it could be faulty or need to be readjusted. A licensed plumber can test the valve for you and determine if it needs to be repaired, replaced, reset, or if it is working correctly.

Low Pressure Throughout An Older Home

Older homes often have galvanized steel water lines. And as these pipes age, they tend to suffer from excessive corrosion. Slowly, that build-up inside the pipes restricts the flow of water throughout your home. Because it happens over many years, you might not notice the problem at first. But the longer the corrosion continues, the lower the capacity in the pipes. And at some point, you will notice the difference. In the perfect world, the solution for old, corroded water lines is a whole home repiping. But that can be an expensive undertaking. In some cases, the pipes can be professionally cleaned to remove the corrosion. It can offer a few more years of service from your home’s water lines before you need repiping.

The Worst-Case Scenario

The least desirable issue found in a home with low water pressure is a concealed leak. These water leaks are often hidden under the foundation of a slab home. And if the leak has been present for a long time, the damage can be catastrophic. From soil washouts under the foundation to massive pockets of mold and mildew, and water damage, these long-term leaks are always very costly.

The most important lesson for homeowners to glean about low water pressure is that fast action will always offer better results. The sooner you call (208) 571-4089 to schedule an inspection from a Viking Plumbing pro, the better the odds of a simple and affordable solution. The longer you put off calling, the more water damage and mold contamination you might face in the future. Most areas never face a significant drop in water pressure due to new home construction or increased water demand. So if you see a decrease in your home’s water pressure, there is likely a problem that needs the attention of a licensed plumber.