How to Spot Common Sewer Line Problems

Sewer lines are a central component in any kind of modern plumbing system. They connect the various drains and fixtures throughout your house to the public utility or septic system. This makes sewer lines some of the most active pipes on your property, with potential for serious complications. Sewer line repairs typically require specialized equipment and experience, so call a professional for a service appointment if you see any of these signs of a major problem.

Poor or Inconsistent Drainage Throughout the House

Local clogs are the small ones that only impact a single fixture, like the bathroom tub or kitchen sink. Blockages that get pushed further into the system and pick up more volume can impact multiple fixtures or even multiple rooms at once. Unless it gets firmly lodged somewhere, the clog can eventually reach the main sewer line and cause performance issues for the entire system.

You need to recognize and deal with local clogs before they can grow larger. Manual cleaning with specialized tools is the go-to method for dealing with these, and they are often perfect candidates for hydrojetting. General system cleaning and maintenance is also a basic preventive practice that you should schedule at least every other year.

Complete Line Obstruction

A major or complete obstruction of the sewer line usually has dramatic and serious consequences. Drains will back up, toilets will overflow, and foul odors may develop around the property. It’s possible for a random blockage to completely obstruct the line, but usually, there are other factors or external forces that cause some kind of damage.

Tree roots breaking into the line and growing into the pipe can contribute to a serious obstruction, especially as they catch debris and form a clog. Misalignment from external pressure, like an earthquake or heavy machinery on the soil above, can also be a culprit. In any case, dealing with this kind of obstruction usually requires a careful video camera inspection and powerful machines to break through the solid material blocking the way.

Changes in the Landscape

Another sewer line warning sign that you may notice is subtle changes in the landscape. Usually, this takes the form of lingering moisture in certain areas of the yard. You may see consistently lusher growth or pooling water around these areas or notice bad smells. These symptoms are more common in systems that drain into an aging septic field, but they can happen in any scenario.

Be Professional About Plumbing Problems

There’s little you can do about a main sewer line obstruction, leak, or other kinds of damage, so it’s best to call a reliable plumber to handle the job. Viking Plumbing is here to handle all your plumbing needs in Boise, ID, so call us today to fix your sewer line and unclog your drains.