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Gabby Morgan
Gabby Morgan
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" Chris came out and did a fantastic job replacing our water heater. Incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and personable. I also love that he stayed in contact with me, updating when he would be out and a timeline of the project. I highly recommend him for any plumbing needs you have! "
Dennis Rinehart
Dennis Rinehart
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" We had our main sewer line replaced due to collapsing pipe. The Viking plumbing crew was awesome! They quickly addressed our concerns, showed up on time, stayed with estimate. The on-site team was respectful of o property and pets. Highly recommend them. "
Jancy Schrader
Jancy Schrader
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" After trying a number of companies and finally discovering Viking , they exceeded my expectations. Respectful, kind and hard-working plumbers as well as a helpful receptionist. I was very impressed by the work, integrity, and price of Viking! Highly recommend. "

Leak Detection in Caldwell, Id

Viking Plumbing takes pride in being the best provider of slab leak detection in Caldwell, ID. Our plumbers are highly qualified, and the quality of our work is our utmost priority, which is why we are fully licensed. Dealing with a water leak can be extremely frustrating for a homeowner. In most cases, our company can fix any indoor or outdoor plumbing leak that you may be dealing with. We save customers time and money and mitigate damage to their homes through our noninvasive, destruction-free location services. We are known for fixing any type of water leak in Caldwell, ID quickly and affordably. We are a locally owned company that you can count on for fast service, up-front and honest pricing, and professional staff.

Types Of Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks are not just a nuisance. Rather, they can cause extensive damage to your house. Also, leaving a leak unaddressed wastes water and money. Sewer line leaks can also cause problems for both your health and that of the environment surrounding your property. Leaks in and under the foundation can cause serious structural issues, which is why it is critical to get them located and fixed as soon as possible. 

For expert leak detection in Caldwell, ID, call  Viking Plumbing Now! (208) 571-4089

Some of the most common types of plumbing leaks include:

  • Overt leaks in faucets


  • Running toilets


  • Leaking pipes under sinks and other appliances
  • Hidden leaks under slab foundations
  • Sewer leaks under foundations or outside in the yard

Viking Plumbing can resolve any plumbing issue that you may be experiencing at your home in Caldwell, ID.

What Is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a leak in the plumbing or sewer lines located under the concrete slab foundation of your home. The very nature of the leak’s location can make it difficult to detect, but there are some signs that you can watch for, including:

  • Eroded soil near your foundation
  • Shifting and/or buckling of the foundation
  • Cracks in the floor or walls
  • Raised and warped areas in the floor
  • Warm spots in the floor (hot water line leaks)

How Slab Leaks Are Located

Slab leaks can be located through a number of methods. Viking Plumbing has the expertise to locate and fix slab leaks in Caldwell, ID. The following methods are commonly used in the location of slab leaks.

  • For suspected leaks under slabs and inside of walls, we employ electronic leak listening equipment.
  • We use infrared location equipment for detecting hot water leaks in slab foundations.
  • We can isolate lines and pressure-test them to determine which pipe is leaking.

Our plumbers will evaluate your situation to determine if any of the aforementioned methods will be required in locating exactly where the leak is.

How Slab Leaks Are Repaired

Slab leaks can be repaired in one of two ways. The first is to reroute the line through the attic or wall. The second is to open the slab foundation and repair the line. At Viking Plumbing, we want to make any water leak repair in Caldwell, ID go as smoothly as possible. We will explain everything and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The Best Choice for Slab Leak Repair

A leak in your waterlines or sewer lines can be frustrating and cause a lot of stress. Viking Plumbing is here to bring the most affordable option for your situation. Our plumbers have your best interests in mind and will work with you to determine the most cost-effective solution for water leak repair in Caldwell, ID as quickly and professionally as possible. Do not let your problem get worse. Call us today at (208) 571-4089 for leak repair in Caldwell, ID.

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