Why Is My Water Bill Increasing?

Every household runs on a budget of some kind. You might have your expenses charted down to the dime, or you could use a rough guide to keep you on track. But either way, you are sure to begin scratching your head when you discover that your water bill is on the rise. And unless you can quickly come up with an explanation, you might be getting ready to tour your home in search of water wasters that are draining your wallet. To help you save money and a vital natural resource, we have created a list of the most common offenders for unexplained increases in your water bill.

Running Toilets

Older toilets can be a water budget’s nemesis. First, the greedy dinosaurs can require as much as seven gallons of water for a single flush. Newer models have that number down to under three gallons. And they manage to do the job perfectly on less than half the water. But another issue with older toilets is that they tend to run a lot. The problem is unusually something as simple as a worn-out flapper that does not seat correctly after a flush. So water continues to leak out of the tank, and your water bill continues to climb. You can replace the guts of an old toilet that is running all the time. But a better solution is to replace the entire toilet with one that flushes more efficiently.

Annoying Drips

At first, you might have heard each time a stray drip landed in the sink. But after a few days, the sound disappears into the background noise of your home. Now you don’t even notice that drip or the ones at your other faucets or showerheads. But those tiny drips all add up. And in a month, you could be wasting hundreds of gallons of water, like ten bathtubs full. And all of that wasted water is jacking up your water bill.

Concealed Leaks

Not all leaks are as visible as the ones at your faucets. There can be small leaks hiding in the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home. And not only do they cost you money, but they are causing water damage and mold growth that will also be costly to correct. If you have checked all the usual suspects like under the sink, behind the toilet, and at outdoor spigots without finding any leaks, it’s time to call in the pros.

The leak detection specialists at Viking Plumbing use the latest technology, not sledgehammers, to locate leaks hidden inside or under your home. Moisture sensors, sound amplification tools, and pressure tests can reveal the location of the concealed leaks. Call (208) 571-4089 as soon as you suspect that there is a leak lurking in or under your home.

Something Has Changed

Sometimes the increase in your water bill is justified if you stop and think about recent changes in your home. The apparent difference could be a long-term guest or new member of the family, the addition of a spa, or a new car that gets washed more than most small children. But there are also a few changed that you might not consider. Maybe you have taken up gardening, and new plants require more water. Or it is wintertime, and you are washing twice as many loads of laundry as you did in the summer months. Give it some thought to see if you can justify the increase in your water bill. But if you come up empty, call (208) 571-4089 for a visit from the Viking Plumbing leak detection specialist to solve your mystery.