When Its More Than Just A Clogged Drain

For most homeowners, a clogged drain is not such a big deal. They grab a plunger or maybe mix up their favorite drain cleaning concoction. But these are solutions that only provide the desired results when the clog is in a local drain, meaning it is near the sink or tub that is not clearing correctly. But what does it mean when all the drains in your home are slow to clear?

The Bigger Picture

All of the drains from your home’s sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets converge into one pipe that carries all of the dirty water and waste from your home. This single pipe is your home’s sewer line. And when the issue or clog is in this sewer line, you have a serious problem. And one that is going to need the attention of a licensed plumber.

Don’t Ignore The Warning

When you find that all of the drains in your home are slow to clear, heed the warning. This is when you need professional help. If you ignore this friendly warning, you are going to suffer something far worse than a plumbers bill. When the issue or blockage completely stops the flow of waste and dirty water from your home, it will begin to back-up in the sewer pipe. And when the line fills up, it will start to overflow into your home via the lowest drain. Depending on your home’s layout, it could be a floor drain in the basement or the shower drain on the first floor if you have no basement. But there will be a flood, and it will not be limited to water. Your home will be flooding with raw sewage.

Common Sewer Line Problems

Several things could be causing your sewer line issues. And the only way to be sure of the problem is a camera inspection by your local plumbing pro. A tiny waterproof camera is inserted into the drain line to transmit images of the pipe’s damage or blockage. And depending on which of the following issues is to blame, your plumbers will provide you with your solutions.

Foreign Objects- Foreign objects can be anything from dental floss and paper towels to small objects that a curious child flushed down the toilet. But when these objects fail to disintegrate in water, they become lodged in your home’s sewer line and start to create a nasty clog. A professional drain cleaning is usually the solution to these messy but manageable sewer line issues.

Tree Roots- Tree roots are very opportunistic when it comes to seeking out water and nutrient. And your home’s sewer line offers an endless supply of both. The roots creep in through the pipe joints and eventually grow to completely block and shatter the sewer line. If caught early, a high-pressure drain cleaning can blast away the roots. But the pipe damage must be repaired to prevent future invasions. Trenchless pipe repairs are often the most cost-effective and non-invasive solution. But severe damage will require a larger section of pipe to be replaced.

Collapse Or Offset- If the soil surrounding the sewer line has shifted significantly or settled, the pipe could collapse. If this occurs near a pipe joint, the sections will separate, and the sewage will begin to flow into your yard. The most common solution is the installation of a new sewer line.
These issues all require professional attention. Call (208) 571-4089 at the first sign of drain problems. A Viking Plumbing pro will deploy a camera to inspect the lines and determine how best to correct the problem.