What To Do When Your Main Water Line Goes Bad

As a homeowner, you know that everything in and around your home has a set life expectancy. Some items, like your water heater, need maintenance and care to maximize their time in service. But there are other items or features that you never think about until you begin to experience reoccurring issues. One of the unsung heroes of your property is your home’s main water line. It is the single pipe that connects your home to the city or municipal water supply. And if this one pipe fails, you have absolutely no water in your home.

What, When, and Why?

Your home’s main water line is kind of a lifeline when you think of all of your daily activities that require water. From that morning shower and cup of coffee to washing dishes and laundry, you need a constant supply of water. And your main water line can meet that need for 70 years or more in some cases. The factors that impact the life expectancy of a main water line include:

The type of piping that was used.

The quality and mineral level of the water.

The quality and composition of the soil surrounding the pipe.

Then, there are the random acts like an earthquake, mudslide, or construction mishap that can claim the life of a main water line long before it has worn out. But fortunately, this pipe is buried deep in your yard. It is out of harm’s way for minor digging and even most landscape renovation projects.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Your main water line faces two different types of nemesis, those inside the pipe and those on the outside of the pipe. The most common threat from outside the line is aggressive tree roots. These roots grow around the pipe and eventually crush it. Even a small crack in the pipe will quickly create a large cavern due to the water’s constant pressure escaping the pipe.

From the inside of the pipe, the hidden danger is mineral build-up and other sediment from the water. These materials settle to form blockages in the pipe that can increase the pressure to unsafe levels. Also, minerals will eventually begin to take their toll by eroding the pipe from the inside out.

Signs Of A Main Water Line Issue

The most recognizable indication of an issue with your home’s main water line is a flood, massive puddle, or crater in your yard. It is a clear sign of a leak. And your first act should be shutting off the main water supply valve to your home. When a buried water line is compromised, it is also quickly contaminated with dirt that will be carried into your home. Turn off the water to protect your appliances and loved ones from contamination issues.

Small leaks are harder to locate, but you could begin to discover particulates or a rust color in your water. These are both early signs of trouble. Finally, if you notice a drop in the water pressure throughout your home, sediment could have restricted the water flow in your mainline. And it is time to seek professional help before the pipe ruptures, and you have a massive mess on your hands.

Who To Call For Assistance

You never know when a main water line is going to cause you trouble. Fortunately, the team at Viking Plumbing is here 24/7 to handle any plumbing emergency, including those related to your main water line. Call (208) 571-4089, and know that a licensed plumber will arrive soon to provide a professional assessment and complete price quote for any necessary repairs.