Ways to Prepare your Plumbing for Colder Months

Fall is nearly upon us and with it those evening freezes! Many people do not know that there are certain things you can do to prepare your plumbing system for Fall and Winter. In fact, studies show that it is most beneficial to prepare your plumbing for harsh weather conditions. Luckily, Viking Plumbing is here to help you learn the best practices to prepare for the upcoming colder months!

Insulate Your Pipes

It is important to insulate your pipes by doing it the right way. This will prevent cold air from reaching pipes. Insulating your pipes can help you to save money and energy in your home while preventing hot pipes from losing heat. If you insulate cold water pipes, it will help to prevent sweating from condensation in the air.
It is important to protect your pipes from harsh weather conditions so it does not result in any damage. These reasons for insulating your pipes are valid and helpful for the fall and winter seasons!

Repair Any Leaks

Most importantly, you want to get all of the leaks fixed in your home. This will prevent any water damage that might happen within the colder months. If a leak is not repaired immediately, there will be a build up of mold. It can create damaged walls, floors, fixtures, and a high water bill. Not to mention the freezing that can come in the colder months and cause even more damages!

More Ways to Prepare your Plumbing

A few more important ways to better prepare your plumbing for the cold:

  • Disconnect your hoses and winterize your outdoor faucets
  • Locate your water main; if there is an emergency, you can turn off your water to prevent additional damage!

All of these ways to better prepare your plumbing for the fall and winter season will help to keep your plumbing safe. We highly recommend you take on these tips to keep your plumbing safe and secure!
Viking Plumbing has many services that can help make your life easier and help you to better prepare your plumbing system for the colder months. We fix any leak damage, take care of any pipe or shower repair, and provide drain cleaning services to keep your pipes safe, clean, and ready for Fall and Winter. If you’re ready to schedule your plumbing maintenance, call us today for more information!