Using WaterSense Makes Sense

Conserving water in your home is not only a smart way to save money, but it is also an environmentally conscious choice. In the United States, we are very fortunate to have a safe supply of water. But we all need to remember that water is a very precious and limited resource worldwide. So whatever you can do to conserve water will benefit your household budget and the world. And one straightforward way to use water more efficiently is with WaterSense fixtures.

What Is WaterSense?

WaterSense fixtures use water-saving technology to eliminate water waste and help homeowners reduce their water costs. And this catchy name is not just a marketing ploy to sell faucets and showerheads. All WaterSense fixtures are backed by independent third-party certification to determine their efficiency. And to determine that the fixtures meet EPA specifications.

What You Can Expect To Save

In the United States, the average household spends nearly $1,100 each year on water. But when those same homes choose to convert to WaterSense fixture and use only EnergyStar rated appliances, that annual cost drops by an average of $350. You are certainly wondering if you could enjoy such significant savings. And to get a better idea of your potential savings, it is essential to know that an average household is considered a house with four occupants. So if you have a larger family, you can expect to save even more than our fictitious family of Average Joes. However, if you are a family of two or three, your savings are likely to be slightly less, but so is your annual water budget.

Where Does All That Water Go?

It probably does not surprise anyone to learn that their household bathrooms are responsible for half of all water usage. So when you are thinking about replacing water fixtures, this is the best place to start. Replacing your current showerhead with a WaterSense model can save about four gallons of water per shower. And if you take a shower lasting over eight minutes, your savings will be more significant. In just one week, the Average Joe family of four would save over 100 gallons of water, assuming that each person showered once each day.

When you upgrade your bathroom faucets to WaterSense fixtures, your household will save another 700 gallons of water a year, or over 13 gallons per week, if you are keeping track. And a new WaterSense toilet will reduce your water consumption dramatically. Toilets made and installed from 1980 to 1994 use about 3.5 gallons of water per flush. But the new WaterSense models cut that number to 1.28 gallons or less. You will be saving almost 2.25 gallons per flush. That will add up to over 100 gallons of water saved each week, figuring just eight flushed per day.

Other Water Conservation Tips

While it is excellent to save water with new fixtures, there are also several free ways that you can help save the planet and lower your household water bill. And all of these tips are simple enough that everyone in your family can contribute.

  • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. Two minutes of brushing equals two gallons of wasted water. In the Average Joe household, that is 16 gallons a day or over 5,800 gallons a year!
  • Only run the dishwasher and washing machine when it is fully loaded. It will save water and electricity.

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