The Benefits Of Hydro-Jetting

Hydro-Jetting is not a term that many homeowners are familiar with unless they have had some drain issues in the past. This process falls into the drain cleaning and clog removal portion of a plumbers job description. And when you need a tough clog removed without damage to your home’s drains and sewer line, hydro-jetting is the only process you should trust.

What Is Hydro-Jetting

A hydro-jet machine is a large device that turns pure water into a massive clog removal and cleaning tool. The extremely high pressure of the water jet allows it to blast apart nasty clogs, tree root intrusions, and pipe blockages without harsh chemicals. That means no caustic chemical fumes in your home. And no damage to your drain pipes from the acidic chemicals used in drain cleaners and clog removing liquids.

Regular Maintenance

One of the added benefits of hydro-jetting is that it scrubs all of the sticky residue from the inside of your drain line. This sticky substance is what begins to form new clogs and causes the nasty odor from your home’s drains. But the hydro-jet scrubs all of that waste away to remove odors and prevent new clogs from forming. With an annual drain cleaning using the hydro-jet process, it is very possible that you could completely eliminate drain clogs from your future.

Jet VS. Snake

In the past, you might have called your local plumber to remove a clog using a large plumbing snake. This device is inserted into the drainpipe and rotated to destroy clogs. And while it was reasonably efficient, there was no way to ensure that the entire clog was removed. In comparison, the hydro-jet machine provides enough power and capacity to fill the drain line with high-pressure water to remove any tough clog. And the massive amount of water washes all of the debris out of your home’s drains and sewer line.

Picture rinsing a dinner plate using the normal flow of water from your kitchen sink. It does an ok job. But when you use the turbo spray, it blasts every tiny piece of food from the plate. A hydro-jet clog removal and drain cleaning works in much the same manner. And when in the hands of a highly trained professional, this cleaning process is completely safe and effective.

It Saves Time And Money

As you know, most plumbers bill you by the hour. It can take several hours to deploy a large plumbing snake into a drain and destroy a nasty clog. Then it is time to remove the snake and clean up all of the mess and debris that comes out of the drain with the snake. But when your plumber uses a hydro-jet machine, the clog removal takes a fraction of the time. And there is little or no clean-up because all of the debris and mess was washed into the city sewer system. So the job is done faster, better, and more affordably.

A Benefit To The Environment

Many plumbers use a combination of chemicals and a plumbing snake to remove drain clogs. Any time there are chemicals used, there is the possibility of contamination to the water table and soil. So if you are concerned about your impact on the environment, hydro-jet drain cleaning and clog removal is the most responsible choice you can make.

To learn more about regularly scheduled hydro-jet drain cleaning to eliminate drain clogs before they become an issue, call (208) 571-4089. A Viking Plumbing licensed plumber can explain the process and provide you with a cost to provide the best care possible for your drains while still protecting the environment.