Pipe and Tap Leak

Do you have a difficult case that maybe has stumped a few plumbers? Is your water meter still spinning, even when all the water is off in the house? Is your water bill alarmingly high?

You’ve checked the usual suspects, and nothing seems to be visibly wrong…no one knows why the water is still running. Let the team at Viking Plumbing come use our highly specialized equipment to find the source of the water loss. Is it a leak from a broken water line in your yard? Maybe there’s one under your house? Or is it a toilet that is running continuously?
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A dripping sink faucet

How Viking Can Help

We use specialized GenEar listening equipment to detect subtle changes and the sounds of moving water and are trained in its effective use. It can find even tiny leaks that other methods may miss.

Our expert plumbers also have the option of energizing some types of pipe electrically, to find the location of the line and follow it to look for signs of a leak such as ground saturation or changes in grass or plant growth.

Our leak location methods are effective underground and under concrete, so you get a comprehensive leak location even if we never see a pipe, regardless of if it runs under your driveway and across your front yard. There’s no exploratory digging or jackhammering, no costing you a lot of unnecessary charges. We can locate the leak and dig specifically with educated information to protect your budget, your driveway, and landscaping!

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At Viking Plumbing our professional approach is simple, quality work at a fair price. We take the time to listen to your plumbing needs and then give you a fair and accurate work estimate.

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