General Plumbing

Remodeling?  Have ado-it-yourself project where your expertise ends somewhere between carpentry and plumbing?

Let us help with that work you’re not quite comfortable doing.

Need water where there’s never been water before?  Give us a call.  We will find the least expensive, most direct route to run water to your desired destination, be that a new prep sink in your kitchen, that wet bar you’ve always dreamed of having in your home, or even running the water supply to finally put that hand washing sink in the garage, or that half bath that completes your workshop.

Have you just moved into a home that has a water softener that you’re not sure you want to maintain, or you already have one that you know you don’t want to maintain, give us a call.  We can remove the water softener and reconnect the water supply.

Need a new drain installed? Want to add that laundry sink you’ve always dreamed of having next to your washer and dryer?  We can do that!  Maybe that new tub or shower you purchased doesn’t line up with your existing drain.  Let us help.

Finally adding that basement bathroom?  Let us help you decide on the best sewage ejection pump and drain system for your needs, as well as water supply.  It could be easier than you think!

Need to update those old rusty pipes under your sink?  Maybe they’re leaking, maybe you’re afraid they’ll start leaking soon.  Let us replace them with shiny, new, leak-free piping, in the most appropriate type of pipe for your situation.

Maybe you have a sink that seems to drain slowly, then seems to “burp” and drain fine.  It takes air to move water, so perhaps there’s a venting issue that needs to be addressed, either centrally or local to the fixture.

Still have some shampoo left in your hair, even though you stood under the showerhead for 10 minutes this morning?  Tired of not being able to rinse your dishes well because you’re lucky to get a trickle from the kitchen faucet?  Let us check out the possible causes for your low water pressure.  We’ll get you soap free in no time!