Drain Cleaning

Are you looking for a drain cleaner in Boise?  Look no further, because we have the best tools, experience, and prices.

Are all of your drains backing up, and you don’t know what to do?  We here at Viking Plumbing know how to quickly access the area of the problem and get you back to full use of all facilities before you know it.

Sometimes things can go horribly wrong with your plumbing,but Viking Plumbing is experienced in dealing with those kinds of problems every day.  When plumbing problems unexpectedly crop up in your home, we understand the interruption to your daily life and routine, and will be respectful of your home and your family’s routine, and we promise to clean up after ourselves!

Is your laundry causing more of a mess than it’s cleaning up?  A swimming pool in your laundry room that can spread to your whole house in no time? We can come out, clean your laundry line, and see if the plumbing is setup correctly to handle the water that drains from your machine correctly.  New laundry machines put out more water,faster than the old ones, and it can cause old drain lines to back up more frequently than laundry lines constructed more recently and are up to today’s code guidelines.

Floor drain backing up? This can be caused by two main reasons: It could be that the drain is obstructed and backing up, or it could bet hat your main sewer is backed up and in need of service, and the floor drain is the lowest point in your home, making that the first place a mainline problem would make itself known.   Cabling of the line at your floor drain, out to the main sewer, by an experienced technician with industrial-quality equipment, will get your floor drain and your whole house up and running, stopping the backup that caused you to seek out a plumber, and keep your line running to prevent future backups.

Do you have roots in your line?  We use only Root-X root killing foam, an industrial-strength root killer, that when applied by an experienced technician and then cabled out, can rid your pipes of any roots that have already intruded your line, helping you minimize, delay, or even avoid costly repairs of broken sewer lines that have been breached or broken by those aggressive tree roots!